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CREATIVE EVOLUTION Visionary Variety Web/TV Show -
a new show on CTV with some long time producers.

The first show features clips from our most recent recipient of a
Creative Evolutionary Award
Jon Anderson (YES)
offers us an amazing performance at his 2012 Summer Solstice Concert
at the Rio and more is to come.
As lead singer and main Songwriter and spiritual guide for the amazing band YES
he's honored with a
Creative Evolutionary Award
For Positive Use Of The Media.

Also featured is: Marya Stark, Love Eternal, and others from The 3rd Annual Santa Cruz Rejuvination Festival including a Rainbow Rap from the MC mixed with our footage from Rainbow Gathering adventures. Moses Yao, Visionary Togodoo Artist & Poet - also offers his Togodoo blessings and will be featured with an interview and more of his beautiful Togodoo in our next show. For more information:

Next show... we will see more Togodoo... and talk with Moses Yao the Visionary Artist behind it.
Then we will honor Julia Butterfly Hill who's Circle Of Life Foundation has helped awareness to grow about how to be creative, positive, and even joyful in our activism.

In conjunction with Spiral On Productions -
this Peacefarm Productions project is a visionary variety show that will feature
many segments about empowering ourselves to help our planet to find a sustainable peace with each other and our resources.

Take a journey in visionary visuals and music... Spoken word and art... and activism with a positive uplifting feel... this is what our show is about. Imagine Space, Nature, Sacred Places & Art... in a moving melting collage... that goes with the music... a non-stop music video with various segments and interviews. New Thought Spirituality with colorful visuals to help you enjoy the ride. and get inspired to go make some visionary expression on SOTV - Sacred Originality Television. The sacred jam band Spiral on...(more of a call to action than a band name) offers their original songs & jams for the between segments where they are honored to showcase other visionaries offering solutions now and support in living in a life affirming way.. with the flow - while... peacefully we stand and are counted - Spiral on... is very inspired by the book: STAND & BE COUNTED by David Crosby & David Bender and the life of Jesus, Ganghi, and Martin Luther King Jr. who understood that love leads the way - even when others seem cruel... they just don't know love and what it means to them yet. We can not fight the war, toxic drugs, junk foods, jail and other non-life affirming industries... we need to teach them peace. What it looks like in action.. how it feels. And that all businesses in the future will be thought of as "Service Industries" in the Information & Collaboration Age. Some people don't even know they want peace, love, and joy... more than what ever they think they want. We need to show them what joy looks like... and let that energy to be attractive... to include them as they see the value of compassion and allow the changes that need to come into being by building the alternatives and then it will be obviously better in time - in fact these times will be confusing to people in the future who will not understand greed or ill motives because karma will be clearly understood and why would you do that to another you?

Our Purpose:
To uplift... inspire.... people to pay attention and question authority - peacefully. Showcasing alternatives in all walks of life to sustainable living... through exploring Creative Evolution of others on the path. May you watch and see
your own vision quest unfolding you towards your calling so that solutions are found and developed
that are much needed in the world now.

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